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Our Values

“It’s about the Journey” describes our key behaviour drivers – that of building relationships and walking a journey with our clients

“Values” has become a confusing word, and confusion is never helpful. Unfortunately, for many companies this confusion is tolerated and even created, because it generates a lack of accountability. We see values as a separation and then combination of the following:




Principles govern our world and are immutable. They form the foundation for our beliefs.

Every person on this earth believes. It is what separates us from all the other living creatures. Our beliefs are the product of our interpretation of evidence. Our beliefs do not change anything. They do not change us, they do not change anything around us, and they do not change the thing that we do or don’t believe in.

Actions are an expression or an outworking of our beliefs. Unlike beliefs, actions change things. They are visible and measurable, and are the primary driver of all of our behaviour. They are what we do, not what we say.

The following three things govern and drive our behaviour:

  • Relationships – Team, caring, household, people, honour, respect
  • Contentment – Satisfied, at peace, not striving, not angry or anxious
  • Honesty – Integrity, sincerity, openness, truthfulness


Although business is an exchange of value, relationships are at the heart of our coaching.

Our decision-making is governed by the importance of relationships.

We rarely do something that will damage a relationship. We would rather walk away from money than damage a relationship.


If I am content then I do not wish for anything. I enjoy what I have, and even if I have nothing, I am fine.

The steps that emanate from discontent are destructive. They are:

Step 1 – Wishing

Step 2 – Wanting

Step 3 – Expecting

Step 4 – Demanding

Step 5 – Deserving or Entitlement

Step 5 – Anger and Resentment


No matter how difficult it is we will always tell the truth, and our clients can always expect the truth from us, even if it impacts our income.

If you are interested in us helping you decode your values then CLICK HERE.