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Values Quotient Assessment

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LEMON Leadership Introduction

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If you are a for-profit company then engaging with us is one of the best investments you can make. We consistently deliver more than a 10-fold return on the investment. In other words, for ever Rand/Dollar/Euro you invest in your people through us you will get more than 10 back. 

These are some of the results from clients engaging with us

For the team member

It gives them …

  • An understanding of the key things that drive their own behaviour.
  • Insight into how they are ‘wired’, or their internal DNA.
  • Information that helps them be conscious of their learned behaviours.
  • Knowledge that helps them manage their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tools to manage stress and pressure.
  • An understanding of what elements of the job they will be good at, and where they will struggle, and why.
  • Skills to help them improve their communication.
  • Pointers to understand what is important to their stakeholders.
  • An understanding of what to watch out for when communicating with others.
  • Insight into what is stressful to their stakeholders, and how their decision-making changes when they are stressed.


For the Team leader, in addition to the above, it gives them …

  • An understanding of themselves and their team/people.
  • Assistance with how to get the best out of the people they have.
  • Tools to help them to assess if they have the right people doing the right job.
  • Tools to help them find the right people.

The Outcomes

The most common outcomes are:

  • Reduced stress.
  • Better communication.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Better relationships with clients.
  • Lower staff turnover.



Services and Products

Team Communication Analysis

This is a quick analysis of people you are working with, or have a relationship with, or need to understand better. 

The analysis consists of an assessment and then feedback from a performance coach. This provides data to help understand the person or group you are communicating with.



Online Coaching Programs

There are two coaching programs that we offer –

Leading the team

This is a one-on-one online coaching program aimed at helping people lead teams.

Personal Development

This is a one-on-one online coaching program aimed at identifying and addressing 20 key skills and areas of self-awareness the leader needs in order to lead effectively.




Strategic Recruitment

Strategic recruitment does not look at the technical skills needed to do the job. It looks at the candidates wiring, their values, learned behaviour and maturity. It then assesses how well the candidate will fit into the culture.

What makes it effective are three things –

1. The unique assessment
2. Feedback from a consultant
3. The fact that it is all done online

The core of the support program is the assessment. This provides data to help understand the candidate.

There are 3 steps to the process –

Step 1 – The assessment

The assessment is sent to the candidate to complete.
Once done, this is processed and a report is produced.
Assessments can also be done on the person the candidate will be reporting to so that we have a picture of how they would work together.

Step 2 – Interview with the candidate

An online interview is done with the candidate so that we can ask additional questions

Step 3 – Feedback

Once we have the results from the assessments and the interview we then set up the online feedback session with the person requesting the recruitment.
Together you look at the results and highlight vital information.




Sales Support

This is a quick-feedback tool that helps you understand and communicate with your customer.

There are 2 elements to the support –

1.   An assessment that the customer completes.
2.  Feedback from a Journey Tools coach.

The assessment will quickly give us insight into the world of the person you are working with.

The feedback is from a performance coach who is able to understand and interpret the data from the assessment.




Stakeholder Management Support

This has been designed to assist Project Managers with their stakeholders and project teams.

There are 2 elements to the support –

1.   An assessment that the stakeholder completes.
2.  Feedback from a Journey Tools coach.

The assessment will give us insight into the world of the stakeholder.

The feedback is from a coach who is able to understand and interpret the data from the assessment.



Agile Flex

Agile flex is designed to keep up with the pace of Agile and produce a communication strategy and a Stakeholder Management strategy for a Sprint in less than 30 minutes.




Team Health Assessment

This assessment looks at the health of the team and is the framework for helping leaders with their teams




LEMON Leadership


LEMON Leadership does not deal with the “How To” of leadership. It looks at the “Who are you?” in a fresh way. 

Good leaders lead out of their identity. It doesn’t matter too much what their style, university or ethnicity may be. The key is to know what type of leader you are in order to understand how your identity as a leader will impact the people around you, as well as better understand the identity of those you are leading or relating to in order to increase the impact of the team.

Doug Johnson is an accredited LEMON Leadership facilitator and LEMON Leadership is built into every aspect of his coaching.

LEMON Assessments

An assessment that looks at the profile of the leader 

Click here to do a LEMON Assessment


The book: LEMON Leadership

A hard copy of the book is available in South Africa.





Capacity Assessment (Coaching Framework)


Analyses the capacity of on individual and their suitability for leadership, and is the framework for individual coaching.




Values Survey


Unpacking the Values of an organisation.