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What we do, and why we do it

How, Who, What, Why and When

Why we do what we do

Journey Tools Consulting was born out of the understanding that the one thing that has the greatest impact on an individual, team or organisation is maturity.

Our belief is that –

The mature produce – and the immature waste

Everything we do is focussed on helping individuals, teams and organisations mature.

How do we engage?

We engage with our clients in three ways –

  1. Through the Journey Tools Learning Academy.
  2. Through Performance Coaching.
  3. Through Consulting.

The Journey Tools Learning Academy

The Academy is an online learning platform that is focused on imparting information, sharing knowledge, and continuous learning. There are 3 modules –

Module 1 – LEMON Leadership

Module 2 – Communication and relationships (10 lessons)

Module 3 – Leadership (10 lessons)

Module 1 – LEMON Leadership

This Module runs over 2-3 months and lays the foundation for relationships, communication and behaviour.

Module 2 – Communication and Relationships

Basics runs over 10 weeks and teaches the basic lessons needed to be able to function in a team. The focus is on communication, relationships and resolving conflict.

Module 3 – Leadership

This runs over 10 weeks and teaches key elements needed to be an effective leader.

All of the Modules are done in conjunction with coaching.

CLICK HERE to see the Curriculum for 2022


The LEMON Leadership Module starts every month.

Modules 2 and 3 repeat twice a year and are open to everyone.

This gives candidates the opportunity to book on lessons when they need to.

We also do the modules for clients.

Teams and Individuals

You can enrol in the Learning Academy as an individual or as a team.

You can also sign up for full Modules or individual lessons.

Performance Coaching

The word “coaching” has different meanings to different people. Just to clarify, we focus on performance coaching, not life coaching.

There are 4 primary focus areas. These are:

  1. Coaching that happens in conjunction with the Learning Academy.
  2. Situational coaching.
  3. Coaching Program – Leading the team.
  4. Coaching Program – Personal development.

Coaching with the Learning Academy

This is a one-on-one online coaching that takes the lessons learned in the Academy and helps with the practical implementation.

Situational coaching

This is on-the-job coaching that addresses the situation the leader is experiencing and helps guide them through.

Leading the team

This is a one-on-one online coaching program aimed at helping people lead teams.

Personal Development

This is a one-on-one online coaching program aimed at identifying and addressing 20 key skills and areas of self-awareness the leader needs in order to lead effectively.


Call in the expert

If your drain is blocked you don’t need to do a 6-month course on plumbing, you just need to call a plumber. We can teach and coach you on the Learning Academy and coaching programs, but we can also consult in the following areas:

  1. Agile Flex
  2. Recruiting
  3. Promoting
  4. Team Alignment
  5. Situational coaching
  6. Team Communication Analysis