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Bi-weekly newsletter

Bi-weekly newsletter

I have spent many years with groups and individuals exploring leadership, relationships and communication in different contexts.

Over the past few years I have focused on helping people lead teams.

I have often been asked if I would write a book. This might happen one day, but in the meantime I have decided to embrace the 21st century and put my thoughts down in a bi-weekly newsletter or blog.

The newsletter will be sent out and the blog will be on the website.

The focus of the bi-weekly newsletter will be on leadership, relationships and communication. Feel free to send this to anyone you think will benefit from it. I am looking forward to journeying with you.

If you have any questions for me, or if you want to subscribe to the newsletter then CLICK HERE

Written by Doug Johnson

Published on 1st Apr 2020

The benefits of being wrong

Have we been wrong about being wrong? Maybe there are benefits to being wrong.

Location, location, location

Mature people mature people One of the things that leaders have to think about is the development of the members of their team. It is an interesting challenge, and is a responsibility that comes with the role. Whether you are the leader of an organisation that...

Types and Styles

What you are and what you do One of the objections I often hear about identifying people’s behaviour tendencies, or characteristics, or the type of person they are, or their wiring, is that people think or feel that they are being boxed. This is actually a valid...


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