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Think Like a Leader

Think like a leader is a book by Doug Johnson.

It is available on Kindle at Amazon. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Hey Bob

In the original book there is a comic strip character called Bob. He has been left out of the Kindle version, but the stories are below for those who are interested.

Click on each picture below to see the story that relates to the chapter.

Introducing Bob

Chapter 1 – Changing your mindset

Chapter 2 – Navigating through the fog

Chapter 3 – Never too busy

Chapter 4 – All you need is love

Chapter 5 – Looking over the wall

Chapter 6 – What did you expect?

Chapter 7 – Three Questions

Chapter 8 – Rewards and Gifts

Chapter 9 – Location, location, location

Chapter 10 – Types and Styles


The goal of leadership:

The right person, in the right job, at the right time, doing the right things, and doing the right things right, for the right reason.