Our Toolbox

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Team Health Assessments

This assessment looks at the health of the team and is the framework for helping leaders with their teams

LEMON Leadership

LEMON Leadership does not deal with the “How To” of leadership. It looks at the “Who are you?” in a fresh way.

Good leaders lead out of their identity. It doesn’t matter too much what their style, university or ethnicity may be. The key is to know what type of leader you are in order to understand how your identity as a leader will impact the people around you, as well as better understand the identity of those you are leading or relating to in order to increase the impact of the team

LEMON Assessments

An assessment that looks at the profile of the leader

Capacity Assessments (Coaching Framework)

Analyses the capacity of on individual and their suitability for leadership, and is the framework for individual coaching

Value Surveys

Unpacking the Values of an organisation

Organisational Alignment

Organisational Alignment looks at the maturity of an organisation and examines the alignment between the leaders, the Purpose, Vision and the Values with particular attention given to the ability of the leaders to communicate with each other and others in the organisation.

Business Fundamentals

This looks at what needs to be in place to function effectively in a South African business context