Voyage Consulting Organisational Maturity Model ®


VCOMM provides the framework for what we do. It holds everything together, ensuring that all of our engagements have a context.

There are three dimensions to the VCOMM

  • Spheres of Maturity
  • Interventions
  • Enablers or tools

We start with the 7 spheres of maturity in an organisation

vcomm table5


7. Sustainability

The organisation is looking beyond the community to the world, the environment, the next generation of business, and legacy

6. Serving

The organisation is looking beyond itself to the community and asks how it can serve

5. Synergy

The organisation begins to function to its maximum. Profitability increases dramatically as all the parts work together

4. Stretching / Searching

The time comes when the question is asked: “Is there more than this?” People want to do more than just make money

3. Supporting / Relationships

Good relationships and communication need to be deliberately nurtured

2. Systems / Skills

The second task is to put systems, standards, processes, policies in place that enable staff to be productive

1. Survival

The first priority of any organisation is to make a profit. If the organisation is not profitable it cannot survive.

Helping you on your journey

For each sphere of maturity there are specific interventions

vcomm table6

The Enablers

We have a number of effective tools that we use during the coaching process. Some of these are generic to the profession, and some are unique to Voyage Consulting. What we can guarantee is that we will find the best tools for the intervention that is required.

Some of the unique enablers are:

  • The Voyage Consulting Organisational Alignment assessment and Roadmap
  • The Voyage Consulting TEAM assessment and scorecard
  • The Voyage Consulting Business Fundamentals assessment and scorecard
  • Compass (Bright Star)
  • The 10P ® Impact Assessment and scorecard
  • LEMON Leadership® - Recruiting and Building team