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 “An Entrepreneur without a team is merely a philosopher (inventor?). Never forget that all great entrepreneurial business ventures depend on a team to make it work … getting it right and moving forward is where Doug and his team come in.”

Brett Giles – Midnight Oil and the Split Cane brand co.


  • Do you spend too much time in meetings?
  • Do you discuss goals in meetings, and when you leave nothing gets done?
  • Is the team engaged, or do members do as little as possible?
  • Are you adding more people and not increasing productivity?
  • Is there enthusiasm? Do team members contribute positively?
  • Do the members put the team first, or are there egos and own agendas?
  • Is there respect amongst team members?
  • Is there constructive conflict?
  • Is there openness, or are there undercurrents you can’t put your finger on?

We make teams work

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

Patrick Lencioni

Wasted time! Wasted energy! Wasted money!

These are the outcomes of a team not functioning properly. We add value by helping people understand each other and therefore work better together, resulting in increased impact. We get team members to engage.


Making Teams work

Our focus is on individual and team maturity, and the effect this has on interaction. Our task is to create an environment where the members of the team can communicate effectively.

The results are the following:

  1. Less time wasted through miscommunication
  2. Less energy wasted through underlying tensions
  3. Less frustration
  4. Less staff turnover
  5. Better synergy as the team understands their own and the other team member’s strengths and weaknesses
  6. Increased energy as the team members find it is more fulfilling and enjoyable to work in the team
  7. Less pressure on the leaders as team members carry the load with them
  8. Increased productivity ... increased profit.


“They say if you can build a team you can build anything. Doug Johnson provides the right advice at the right time to help build great teams.”

Andre Baard – South African Bunkering and Trading

Our Consulting Model

It’s about the journey

Our approach to working with companies is that of coaching. We believe it takes time for any group of people to learn tools and skills, and we walk with them until they have been mastered. We feel that interventions can be exciting, but ongoing application is what really makes enduring change.

This is done over a period of time. We make sure that all the foundations are in place and strong before we begin to build. Although this is a process we believe it is the only way to have a lasting impact.

Most enablers are simple in concept but complex in application because they all form part of the communication puzzle. We prefer therefore to spend some time helping people understand and use the tools effectively.

Built into the model is coaching to coach. We spend time assisting the team leader to coach the team.


The Enablers

We have a number of effective tools that we use during the coaching process. Some of these are generic to the profession, and some are unique to Voyage Consulting. Some of the unique enablers are:

·          LEMON Leadership ®

·          The Organisational Alignment assessment

·          Our own TEAM assessment and scorecard

·          The 10P ® Impact Assessment and scorecard

We work as a small core team but have access to a larger group of associates with a wide range of experience and skills.


The Engagement

Our ideal engagement with the team starts with a 3-hour session and continues with a 2-hour consultation twice a month.  We also meet with the team leader after every second consultation.

We manage the journey with assessments, scorecards, practical application exercises, clear deliverables, information and coaching.

The Cost

Each team is unique and we plan a bespoke journey for each one.

The cost is based on time spent on a monthly basis with the team(s) and team leader(s). This is estimated and decided up front, with a detailed report prepared for the client. A monthly retainer is then paid at the end of each month.

Because we are confident in our ability to make an impact we do not sign contracts. If what we do does not work for you, we stop the journey.

Call us ... we would love to meet you and your team.


“Understanding one another’s profiles has provided us with the key for better communication and mutual respect, which has become the foundation for building stronger teams”

Professor Jackie Arendse – Head of the School of Accountancy – Wits University




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