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Compass is our people development program. We partner with Bright Star.

Through this Personal Growth Program you will identify your Life Purpose and learn to make all your life decisions based on your core values.

The Bright Star Program focuses strongly on the principle that change happens best from the inside outwards, assisting in developing skills to live a balanced and significant life.


Bright Star aims to empower you with the necessary personal tools to:

  • Cope with the stresses within your world
  • Discover your life purpose and values
  • Make good choices
  • Prepare you on a personal level to face daily demands

MODULE 1: Brilliant Self - Personal Skills

CONTROL: Determine who or what controls your life

VALUES: Determine your five most important personal values

LIFE-PURPOSE: Verbalise your life-purpose

SELF WORTH: Develop your own self-worth statements

PRIORITIES: Prioritise action plans to achieve your life-purpose

MODULE 2: Brilliant Relationships - Team Skills

LEMON: Understand different behavioural styles

EMOTIONAL CONTROL: Learn methods to control your emotions

COMMUNICATION: Master this tool that dramatically influences your success

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Discover how to keep the argument out of the disagreement

ASSERTIVENESS: Establish boundaries

MODULE 3: Brilliant Leadership - Ability to influence

STRATIGIST: A brilliant leader knows that excellent planning leads to success

ROLE MODEL: A brilliant leader sets an example to others

TEAM BUILDER: A brilliant leader knows how to be a team player

MOTIVATOR: A brilliant leader knows how to energise others

EMPOWERER: A brilliant leader knows how to empower his team

If you need more information click here to go to the Bright Star website 

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