By Izak Steyn


1. Thought processes and relationship dynamics are fundamental if change is to be successful.

2. Change only happens when each person makes a decision to implement the change.

3. People fear change - it "happens" to them.

4. Given the freedom to do so, people will build quality into their work as a matter of personal pride.

5. Traditional organizational systems treat people like children and expect them to act like adults.

6. "Truth" is more important during periods of change and uncertainty than "good news."

7. Trust is earned by those who demonstrate consistent behaviour and clearly defined values.

8. People who work are capable of doing much more than they are doing.

9. The intrinsic rewards of a project are often more important than the material rewards and recognition.

10. A clearly defined vision of the end result enables all the people to define the most efficient path for accomplishing the results.

11. The more input people have into defining the changes that will affect their work, the more they will take ownership for the results.

12. To change the individual, change the system.