Equipping people with the skills to lead ... and the tools to manage


“It’s about the Journey”

compass in hand

Many consultants use excellent tools. The focus of most of them is diagnostic. Not only do we use unique tools, but our approach is to apprentice the client so that they learn to use the tools we give them. We therefore mentor and coach the client.

  • We mentor the leaders
  • We coach the team to win

“The Journey” describes one of our key values – that of building relationships and walking with people. We do not focus on interventions, but on spending time with organisations. We therefore walk or journey with clients.



We value (in no particular order):

Fidelity -  Faithfulness, trustworthy, devotion, commitment, reliable, wisdom, maturity

Family -  Relationships, team, caring, household, people, honour, respect

Fun -  Enjoyment, fulfilment, energy, purpose

Fineness -  Excellence, quality, distinction, value, service

Frankness -  Integrity, sincerity, openness, truthfulness, honesty

Voyage Consulting Organisational Maturity Model ®


VCOMM provides the framework for what we do. It holds everything together, ensuring that all of our engagements have a context.