Voyage Consulting Organisational Maturity Model ®


VCOMM provides the framework for what we do. It holds everything together, ensuring that all of our engagements have a context.

It is not easy to ascertain in "bottom line" terms what on organisation is losing or wasting due to ineffective communication. We have developed a tool that we believe can do just that - outline for you in hard currency the amount of money your organisation is throwing away by not addressing these issues effectively.


How healthy is your TEAM?

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the skills to lead ... the tools to manage


 “An Entrepreneur without a team is merely a philosopher (inventor?). Never forget that all great entrepreneurial business ventures depend on a team to make it work … getting it right and moving forward is where Doug and his team come in.”

Brett Giles – Midnight Oil and the Split Cane brand co.

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Compass is our people development program. We partner with Bright Star.

Through this Personal Growth Program you will identify your Life Purpose and learn to make all your life decisions based on your core values.

The Bright Star Program focuses strongly on the principle that change happens best from the inside outwards, assisting in developing skills to live a balanced and significant life.

Context is essential. Without context things become ad-hoc and we lose focus.

foundation 1   Laying proper foundations is not that simple

Although our primary focus is on making teams work, if the environment that the teams work in is immature or misaligned then this task becomes extremely difficult.

The 10P Scorecard®

Pioneered by The Institute, this scorecard defines and manages Strategy, Initiatives, and Key Performance Indicators.

The 10-P Impact Assessment

Before we can get to the scorecard we need to do an assessment of the organisation. The10P Impact Assessment looks at the 10 drivers of impact for the organisation.