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"Doug and his team have made me aware of the value a leader gets from an external non-biased perspective to your business. They have contributed to our business foundations in a very practical way by creating movement from where we were and for what we needed at the time. I've named Doug our "Team Whisperer" because I can't explain how he gets these results with us and I recommend that you join them for a journey to maturity."

Barend Cronje – CoLAB Project Implementation






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“An Entrepreneur without a team is merely a philosopher (inventor?). Never forget that all great entrepreneurial business ventures depend on a team to make it work … getting it right and moving forward is where Doug and his team come in.”

Brett Giles – Midnight Oil and the Split Cane brand co.


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"I have been working with Doug and his team management tools for 7 years. Doug brings tremendous (and not always welcome!) outside wisdom to team dynamics and identifies personal expectation gaps between company vision and people's reality. I don't build teams or employ people without the benefit of LEMON analysis, as it takes the guesswork out of matching people's profiles to the required job and eliminates mismatching people to roles if used properly."

John Mills - Maitland Director and formerly Head of Trust and Corporate Services Division








“Understanding one another’s profiles has provided us with the key for better communication and mutual respect, which has become the foundation for building stronger teams”

Professor Jackie Arendse – Head of the School of Accountancy – Wits University





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“They say if you can build a team you can build anything. Doug Johnson provides the right advice at the right time to help build great teams.”

Andre Baard – South African Bunkering and Trading





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Thank you Doug, Dirk and Voyage Consulting for sharing these simple but wonderful tools with us. It is truly adding value in life.

Basil Fergusson - Project Manager




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Voyage Consulting has provided Keyter Rech Investor Solutions with an understanding and insight into our own personal as well as the company’s strengths and attributes – making us realise that our attributes and values are important for a sustainable business. Understanding the principles of LEMON, not only for ourselves, but also of our clients, helps us to understand the delicate art of communicating in different ways – as each receptor is different. The personal development has been an amazing experience. I would highly recommend Voyage Consulting to companies, teams or individuals who need guidance to unlock their own or the company’s potential or assistance with life couching.

Vanessa Ingrim - Keyter Rech Investor Solutions


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"LEMON has been quite profound in better understanding myself, and has been the creation of an avenue whereby I can talk openly and emotionally about a variety of pressing issues and matters arising."

Sean Krige - Transvelop
















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