The cost of immaturity

By Doug Johnson

The cost of Immaturity

We believe as a team of consulting coaches that of all the things that impact your organisation, the costliest is Immaturity.

However, maturity is not instant and cannot be bought. The only way to get there is to journey!

There are times on the journey that everyone needs a helping hand …

  • Our skillset in a certain area needs supplementing
  • We get too close to the coal face and need a different perspective
  • We have encountered an obstacle that we cannot get around

We see our role as the following:

  • To equip you for your journey
  • To guide you on your journey
  • To intervene when you get stuck along the way

Although our focus is making teams work, we address the following areas:

  • The maturity of the organisation
    • Structure
    • Culture
  • The maturity of the leadership
  • The maturity of teams
  • The maturity of processes
  • The maturity of individuals
  • The maturity of the information systems
  • Environment (management vs project capability)
  • Business fundamentals

Below are characteristics of maturity and immaturity. It is not difficult to see how these can impact the organisation on many levels, the most important being financial.

Maturity Characteristics


The Immature …

  • Play
  • Waste
  • Need to be entertained
  • Sulk
  • Consume
  • Cannot be trusted
  • Are driven by immediate needs
  • Get distracted
  • Need to be served
  • Are selfish
  • Do not produce anything
  • Take things personally
  • Lack discernment
  • Lack experience
  • Miscommunicate
  • Cannot prioritise
  • Are self-focussed
  • Are undisciplined
  • Do not have endurance
  • Manipulate



The Mature …

  • Are productive
  • Do not waste
  • Are focussed
  • Are emotionally stable
  • Are unselfish
  • Communicate clearly
  • Put others first
  • Serve
  • Endure
  • Are disciplined
  • Make better decisions
  • Are driven by Values
  • Can prioritise
  • See the long-term
  • Can be trusted to produce
  • Can be trusted morally
  • Work as a team
  • Can be corrected




Maturity may seem like a “soft” issue, but it has a huge impact on the bottom line of any organisation