We have heard it stated often that coaching is a waste of time because the results are not quantifiable. Here is a recommendation from a client that has seen results ...

April 2013

SABT would like to formally thank Doug Johnson of Voyage Consulting for his impactful contribution to the smooth running of SABT.

Doug is like a master surgeon. With a steady hand he has repeatedly and adeptly performed the most delicate operations, without aneasthetic, to areas of our team functioning that needed the fine-tuning and sometimes rougher work, like in the process of value-clarification.

Doug’s skills are not easily copied as his advice is the distillation of a lifetime of mentoring and working with people and teams. There is no off the shelf product that can offer this kind of rich resource in the person of Doug. He can apply himself in how much or little is required to the right areas of a team life that needs intervention. This has always been done while respecting the team and without being invasive, just mending, healing and facilitative.

We would like to heartily thank Doug and Voyage Consulting for the input and contribution to helping SABT to become the undisputed leader in our industry in South Africa and in Africa.

Well done and thank you. The team at SABT salute you Doug and your team at Voyage Consulting!

Very special regards

Andre Baard

Managing Director